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1) Handle with care

Use tweezers to gently remove the lashes from the tray. Always handle the lashes from the cotton band and refrain from pulling the individual strands of fur. Our lashes have longer cotton band ends to make this step easier without causing any damage.

2) Measure and Trim

Measure the lash by holding it against the base of your natural lash line. Trim the extra band from both corners and if the lash is too big for your eyes, trim the excess from the outer corner only.

3) Prepare your lashes

Curl and apply mascara, if desired, to your natural eyelashes only. Get rid of any clumps using our comb ended tweezers, The Big Tweeze. Prepare the lashes by applying a thin, even layer of lash glue along the cotton band and wait for a few seconds.

4) Set and hold

If you’re using our lash applicator, The Lash Wand, place the lashes on the base of the lash line,  fix the outer corner first and then the inner corner. Once the eyelash is positioned properly, hold for a few seconds for it to dry.


1) Dissolve glue

Dip a cotton bud in some oil-free makeup remover and rub that along the band of the lashes.  Wait for a few seconds to loosen the glue.

2) Gently Remove lashes

To remove your lashes, gently tug on the outer tip of the cotton band. If there is significant resistance, repeat the dissolving glue step.

3) Remove glue

Gently peel or wipe off the glue residue from the lash band with your fingers or a moist cotton bud.

4) Store your lashes

Preserve the original quality of your lashes by storing them in their original casing after every use. This will prevent any dust, dirt and bacteria from collecting.


Handle with care

Proper care will ensure that you get maximum uses out of your zhoosh lashes. Always handle your lashes from the cotton band and refrain from pulling on individual strands of fur. Slight shedding may occur with use, this is normal and natural with genuine fur.

No lash products

Mascara and other lash serums can affect the quality and shorten the life span of mink lashes. When desired, apply these products only to your natural eyelashes. A curler however can be used normally on mink lashes if needed.

Always remove glue

Removing glue residue from the lash band will keep your lashes lightweight and flexible, extending the life and comfort of your lashes. We recommend using our Sticky Situation lash adhesive as it is formulated specially for mink lashes and is extra gentle on your eyes. This easy peel-off formula ensures you get maximum wears out of your lashes.

Keep your lashes dry and clean

Soaking or cleaning your zhoosh lashes with water and other chemicals can ruin the natural curl and quality of mink fur and will ultimately shorten the life span of these lashes. If needed, lightly dab the cotton band with a soft moist cloth or cotton bud to keep clean. Only use water or an oil-free make up remover to do this. Preserve the original quality of your lashes by storing them in their original case after each use.

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